Our Story

After a chance meeting in the office of their previous brokerage, Brittany came to Meka and asked for help with her first transaction. From that first meeting, they quickly built a friendship and trust. Admittingly, their decision to join forces and create a team was one of the best decisions they ever made and that they are much better together. Combining the power of their respective personalities, strengths, skill sets, and sales expertise, they leveled up in the real estate market by adding on Buyer’s Agents, Assistants, and a Transaction Coordinator to their team to better serve and take care of their clients.

As the team’s founders, Meka and Brittany provide the foundation of their heart centered team and model strong work ethics and dedication to their clients. They enjoy mentoring and believe that “they rise by lifting others”. When they are not navigating their clients through the process, they truly like to be together when they are or aren’t working. You can always find them laughing and having fun in their office or spending time with their families together. They understand that work relationships are simple and complex at the same time – like a real estate transaction. It just comes down to communication, identifying common goals, and being present when you are together with a lot of empathy for the natural obstacles of being a Realtor.

Having clients and agents say things like ‘they are such a great team,’ and ‘those two are like each other’s yin and yang’ is proof that these two have created a rhythm that is a true partnership.